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UA Report May 2009

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1UA Report May 2009 Empty UA Report May 2009 on Mon May 04, 2009 1:51 am

Firstly, I am enjoying being a part of UA and feel proud to work in a circle of generous people. I would like to apologize for being later in submitting report as I had exams.

I have done following things for the promotion of UA.
1. Shared with my classmates. I told them I was selected as the UA ambassador. Then I elaborated its mission, vision, goals and objectives. As we are public health students and our concern is focused in accomplishment they gave a positive response and are willing to help in each and every step. They are also involved in promotion and growth of UA and MDGS.

2. Introduced United Actions in our college through Red Cross circle to the college students.

3. Being executive member of Smart Club, a public speaking enhancing club , I introduced UA by sharing with them about MDGs and United Actions.

4. Sent messages to all the people who were in the mailing lists in my hotmail, yahoo and Gmail account to let them know about UA and MDGs.

5. I have posted blogs and started discussion threads in TIG in how we can best achieve the MDGs.

6. To promote the UA survey on climate change, I made people to fill the form and sent to United Actions also posted blog in TIG.

7. I have been promoting UA through face book too, I post the videos and photographs of UA that are posted by UA members, it’s a pledge that everyone please post the videos and photographs so that we can exchange and let others know who are in our friends list.

8. The persons who are in UA ning from Nepal, I referred to most of them.

9. I had meeting with the editors of Kantipur Publications, it’s a national daily newspaper and I am writing an article on MDG s and UA’s role. Its pending as I have final exams after 7th May , 2009 till 17th May. I will be doing it after my exams.

10. At last but not least, I frequently talk about UA &MDGs with different youth organizations, friend circle and to my relatives.

Yashoda Aryal
UA ambassador

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