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UA Report May 2009

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UA Report May 2009
By Kayo Hansen
Founder of United Actions

• Idea: on Global Climate Change create an 'easy step guide' for citizens to take.

In Ethiopia:

- Talked to Gudina Yadete - UA Ambassador in Ethiopia.

- Meeting with General Manager and owner of 'The Reporter' and Horn of Africa Press Institute (HAPI). Introduced United Actions and our projects and he gave us permission to run the UA workshop in his press institute in August.

- Meeting with Managing Director of 'Pro Events'. Extensive experience organizing events for African Union (AU), Economic Commission of Africa (ECA), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other international NGOs. Introduced United Actions and our projects and he will help us with the legal aspect to run the UA workshop. Sent UA concept note to Managing Director as agreed.

- Meeting with contact in 'Ethiopian Television and Radio' and with Addis University (biggest university in Ethiopia).

- Meeting with contact who has experience with video production and with multimedia softwares. Helping us with producing a UA video in Ethiopia in August.

- Meeting with other contacts and looking into launching an alternative volunteer programme through United Actions in the future.

- Visited an orphange in Addis Ababa which is currently funded from abroad. I looked at the initiative and managment for future projects.

- Visited an elementary school in a rural village 600km south of Addis Ababa for research.

- Talked to Ethiopian citizens about positive change and the future of Ethiopia using the UA questionnaire as a reference point.

The first UA workshop is set to take place in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on 8 August, 2009.

• Sent a summary of my trip to the UA team.

• Read strategic plan submitted by Akeju Abimbola - UA Strategic Planner and asked Asheshe Enid and Yaovi Mensah for ideas and feedback.

• Sent UA concept note and suggestions to Yashoda Aryal - UA Ambassador in Nepal - as she is writing an article about the MDGs and United Actions and our projects.

• Asked Rock Power - UA Ambassador in DRCongo to write a short summary of the 'World Water Forum' he attended in Turkey and share it with the rest of the team.

• Posted UA volunteering positions on 'ivolunteers.org'.

• Read and provided feedback on UA reports submitted by UA Ambassadors in April 2009.

• Read completed UA questionnaires on Global Change and sent 'thank you' emails.

• Wrote and replied to 70 emails.
UA website viewed 1847 times.
Sent UA newsletter.

Uploaded new pictures from Ethiopia to United Actions profile on Facebook and had positive feedback.

• United Actions Global Network: 197 members.
UA Profile on Facebook: 523 People.
UA Group on Facebook: 516 People.


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