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UA Report May 2009

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1UA Report  May 2009 Empty UA Report May 2009 on Mon May 04, 2009 9:39 am

• Ethiopia launched the first MDG report on July 4, 2004. In keeping with the monitoring and campaigning on the MDGs at the country level, the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) and the UN Country Team in Ethiopia have embarked on a process of translating the Goals into the local context (Ethiopian context). As Ethiopia is now at a very advanced stage in the implementation of the SDPRP, this first attempt at placing the MDGs in to the local context would help provide a longer-term perspective for the SDPRP implementation.
• Ethiopias first MDGR examines the implications of the MDGs for the country from the perspective of context, past trends, prospects and resource requirements for their realization. In terms of context, the Report shows that the MDGs are timely and of utmost urgency to the realities prevailing in Ethiopia. While setting priorities is crucial in any serious development program, the interconnections that exist among the MDGs and urgency of each in the Ethiopian context support the view that each goal is equally important and relevant for Ethiopia. The contextual analysis has also addressed the issue of MDGs harmonization with the existing government policies strategies and programs and past performances. The Report identifies MDG targets that are consistent with the Ethiopias SDPRP and other national development policies and strategies. In terms of targets in SDPRP, targets related to poverty, hunger, education and health are well articulated and nearly consistent with the MDGs. There are, however, some gaps that need to be addressed in the future.
• The second component of the report is the analysis of the baseline where an attempt is made to project into the future. In the exercise, the report tries to establish interaction among the targets to underscore the fact that addressing some of the goals involves addressing all of them. That is, each goal, though desirable and a stand-alone by its own right, is also related to the others as a matter of consequence.
• The other important dimension of the report is the costing of the MDGs in the Ethiopian context. According to the report, the estimated financing gap is around US$1.1 billion per year in order to achieve the goals. For the entire MDGs period, the SDPRP estimate is around 314.5 billion Birr (around 37 billion US dollars at the current exchange rate). A look at the composition of ODA in Ethiopia in recent years has indicated that about 31 percent went for humanitarian assistance while such core sectors as agriculture, education and health each received 7 percent of total ODA allocation. In addition, the level of ODA is low compared to other African Countries.
• The Report also identifies several areas for further reform that could facilitate the path towards achieving the MDGs.

Activites performed by UA in Ethiopia
• It is a great privilege to work in such position. It is my first time to report as we planned to have conference before any report from Ethiopia
I did the following things for the promotion of UA in Ethiopia

•Shared ideas and mission of UA on hi 5 and face book and all are informed about mission, vision, goals and objectives.
• Issues of MDG are being undertaken as a course in my recent Masters of Urban management and classmates are excited what is going on in Ethiopia.
• Introduced United Actions in our college through posters. Rift Valley University with about 6000 students were informed through public relation office.
• Sent messages to all the people who were in the mailing lists in my gmail, yahoo and account to let them know about UA and MDGs.
• I have posted blogs on TIG that we shall conduct workshop in August .
• UA network(ning ) is making good advertisement

Gudina Fufa
UA Ambassador

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