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UA Report May 2009

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1UA Report May 2009 Empty UA Report May 2009 on Sat May 02, 2009 5:50 am

Since I joined United Actions I have been introducing United Actions to different youth and women organizations such as: Rotaract Club Butare which is a youth program of Rotary International, NIBYIZA Group, AMANI Africa and National University of Rwanda Students Union; also I would like to suggest activities of which I am taking part so that United Actions can be among the partners.

which is a project aiming at transforming the National University of Rwanda in an eco-friendly community. Students will be informed about various products and best practices to adopt in order to protect the environment so that they will be showcase those eco-friendly behaviors and spread them in the surrounding community. This project is at a starting phase and we are partnering with the National University of Rwanda (NUR), Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) and UNEP. In this project I am coordinating a Children outreach section called GLOBE KEEPERS Initiative which is environment protection education activities.

Rwanda and East African Youth Peace Expedition a projecton which I am working with ROTARACT Club Butare, NIBYIZA Group on the theme

“Peace with Yourself
Peace with Neighbor
Peace with your Community
Peace with the Environment
Peace with the World”

The project is about sending 100 young people by buses in December 2009 on an expedition in the whole Rwanda and through various East African countries, in order to initiate different debates. We want to create a space for developing common ideas and visions by arranging concerts, theatres, debates, and workshops, and intercultural exchange aiming to collect thoughts and ideas from young East Africans between the age of 18 and 30.This will be a great opportunity to send a loud message of peace to our region and Africa since Rwanda has nowadays Joined the East African Community. We want children and youth in general to recognize that they are important, because it is their responsibility to protect and sustain their own future. They cannot count on others doing it for them. It is also their job to inspire others to do the same. Since it is actually not just their future but our future.

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