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UA Report April 2009

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UA Report April 2009
By Kayo Hansen
Founder of United Actions

* Interviewed 15 people.
Recruited 7 new volunteers:

Abodul Byukusenge, UA Ambassador, Rwanda;
Akeju Abimbola, Strategic Planner, Nigeria;
Asheshe Enid, Project Developer, Nigeria;
Attasse Mensah, Marketing Assistant/English-French Translator, Togo;
Christian Rusangwa, UA Ambassador, Rwanda;
Jay Vihol, UA Ambassador, Canary Islands (Spain);
Yashoda Aryal, UA Ambassador, Nepal.

Sent UA info package etc. and introduced the new volunteers to United Actions
and to the rest of the team.


* Donate and distribute mosquite nets (MDG6);
* Launch an 'alternative' volunteering program for nurses, doctors and teachers focusing on health and education(MDG1, MDG2, MDG4, MDG5, MDG6) and the money will go to eradicating hunger and poverty (MDG1);
* Create a guide on Global Climate Change and simple steps that citizens can take (MDG7).
* Looking to possibly build partnership with Youth in Advancement in Community Development (YIAICD) and Anwar Jannat Memorial Foundation (AJMF)(MDG8).

* Produce promotional material on the MDGs (postcards English/French);

* Create a Powerpoint presentation on United Actions and our projects as suggested by Leke Obadimu, UA Ambassador.

* Create a UA digital magazine.

* Create 'development appraisals' on UA team members.

* Wrote material for UA video.
Wrote and sent UA Newsletter.
Published proposals on UA strategy submitted by UA Ambassadors.

* Created UA Survey on Global Change and distributed it to UA Ambassadors and published it on United Actions Global Network, UA News blog, Development Crossing, TIG, Seesense.org, Facebook and individuals.

* Announced United Actions new global network on UA News blog, Development Crossing, TIG, seesense.org and Facebook.

* Published UA Workshop - Ethiopia 2009: 'Shaping Our Future' on TIG, Facebook and UA Global Network.

* Researched and sent 7 MDGs Reports to the UA team.
Sent UA time schedule to the UA team.
Provided individual feedback on UA Reports submitted in March by the UA Ambassadors.

* Updated UA team page on UA website.
Uploaded videos to UA Global Network.

* Wrote and replied to 210 emails excluding all the 'thank you' emails I sent to each and every one who completed the UA questionnaire on Global Change (still in progress).
UA website viewed 1622 times.
Looking to get the UA website translated into Spanish and French.

United Actions Global Network: 164 members.
UA profile on Facebook: 502 People.
UA group on Facebook: 470 members.


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