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Matthew's proposal

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1 Matthew's proposal on Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:56 am


Proposals on UA Strategy 2009
Matthew Nyarkoh
UA Ambassador, Ghana
March 2009

Q1: Firstly, I think a strong Global Network creation is mandatory to maintain visibility worldwide. After that, we can go ahead by creating VISIBILITY "a web-based strong presentation" of  power and Capable African Generation, man and women or boys and girls.

To achieve this, because we have an active web and local Representative (UA Volunteers forum) we have to share and work in transparency, collaborative and in most coordinated manner for promoting our United Action movement.
Secondly, we must make efforts in investigating in WEB PRESENTATION (thinking on a GLOBAL COMMUNITY PRESENTATION AND ITS PROJECT" which may be granted by a BIG or small Corporation.

We are lucky in UA, our site should be used for Raising RESSOURCES: TECHNICAL-FUNDS- HUMAN?,
Making it available for everyone to sign up following the FORMS as guideline would be great (not sure if yet created) but will check.

TO CREATE A POSITIVE CHANGE: Really all of us have to do this and it is what we were called to do (TO SPREAD THE VOICE)? the reason of HUMAN'S EXISTENCE. So as ONE family in UA, we should focus on mapping local NGOs, youth and my Center of Interest is UNIVERSITIES SCHOOLS UA PARTNERSHIP would produce a fruitful result because we have to start investigating our efforts in such place where POWERFUL MEN AND WOMEN are located?, I just wish to start in Ghana Universities and TRAINING Programs and Cultivate there on behalf of UA, Ghana, with my other college(s) from Ghana 

An other way, we have to define UA CHARTER FOR CHANGING THE WORD or this document exists? Action plans would be specific documents 

One other idea is that: we must be poisoned by the spirit of ONENESS VALUES and together we'll make it!


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