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Leke's proposal

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1 Leke's proposal on Thu Mar 19, 2009 11:34 am


Proposals on UA Strategy 2009
Leke Obadimu
UA Ambassador, Nigeria
February 2009

Hello Friends

I feel highly honoured to be part of this emerging change agents. I have got previous mails and I am excited about the depth of our reasoning.

I must commend the visioneer for the passion she uses at the execution of her job. The quamtum leap this initiative has experienced within just 2 months is commendable.

However, I do have this few recommendations, questions and suggestions.

1. Is UA legally registered anywhere around the world

2. A generic powerpoint presentation of UA should be made available which will include prospects, history, any other necessary information which could be adapted in various countries.

3. In view of the rapid growth of the initiative, viable fund assecibility and a sustainable vision achievement, I suggest that a unifying administrative model should be set up which can run simultaneously in various countries.

This structure will empower more people in the decision making process.


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