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UA Report March 2009

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UA Report March 2009
By Kayo Hansen
Founder of United Actions

* Read all Reports for Feb. submitted by UA Ambassadors and gave them feedback and a follow up on a missing report submission.

* Discussing with UA Ambassador Patricia on the creation of a UA logo. Patricia created the final UA logo.
I added final UA logo onto UA website and onto other UA profiles on the internet and sent it to all UA Ambassadors.

* As United Actions is now on 'YouTube', 'LinkedIn' and 'Facebook', I added all three links on UA website.

* Imported United Actions news blog on TIG, Development Crossing, seesense.org and Facebook profile. Added logo, description and a link to UA website on profile on 'LinkedIn.com', 'delicious.com', 'digg.com', 'twitter.com' and on my website: 'globalwriter.info'

* Uploaded UA video on YouTube: 'From Vision to United Actions' on United Actions profile and on United Actions group on Facebook and testing response.

* Posted UA volunteering opportunities to the following networks: idealist.org, Development Knowledge Facilitators DKFs Network, Agents of Change Volunteers, Development Patnership, Diversity Youth Alliance, Global Volunteers, Youths for Entrepreneurship Development, UNHABITAT Youth Strategy and Youth Participation in Poverty Reduction Strategies.

* Produced UA business cards and UA letterhead template with UA logo to be used for official use and sent it to our 14 UA Ambassadors. Wrote confirmation letters and sent it to UA Ambassadors.

* UA website viewed 1259 times.
Wrote and replied to 148 emails plus.
Updated UA Ambassador profiles.

* Signed up for 'Ideas for Development'. Applied to join 'Millennium Development Goals Network MDGNet' created by United Nations Development Group.

* Idea: create online interactive UA workshops that will be free and open to the public (it will run simultaneously with the physical workshops) in order to achieve greater impact and increase our reach.

* Asked bestselling Author, Paulo Coelho, to comment on United Actions project as his words are powerful on millions of readers worldwide.
Wrote to DR. Elaine Valdov, the Secretary General & Co-Founder of the Youth Assembly at the UN.
Informed Management Staff at TIG about United Actions.

* A potential partnership with 'Youth Action Partners for Development'.

* Asked for criticism on United Actions project from various professionals in my ‘global network’ and seeking advice with other professionals in the area of Teaching, Information Communication Technologies (ICT), Global Project Management, Marketing and Strategic Planning.

* Writing an article on ‘Global Change‘.
Working on material for UA videos on YouTube.
Send UA March Newsletter.

* Interviewed/recruited 6 people to join our team of UA Ambassadors. Sent them UA information package, briefing paper and other UA material. and created their UA email account.

* Held online meeting with UA Ambassadors: discussing our strategy and responsibilities and provided answers to questions and solutions to problems. Wrote a summary of the meeting and send it to all UA team members.

* Environment Scanning: looking for potential partners to build a strong partnership with. Reviewing tactics in our strategic planning; potential obstacles ahead and tactics to overcome them.
Continuously looking for new ‘channels’ to add to our multi-channel strategy.

* Looking for a venue in Addis Ababa to hold the first UA Workshop in April. Asked all my contacts in Ethiopia for advice and looking for a professional with experience in video production.
Writing announcement on UA workshop to be published in public in Addis. And in the news?

Finalizing UA workshop toolkit for participants.

* Currently 30 subscribers to UA Newsletter.
* Currently 30 registered users on United Actions Global Network of Changemakers and Solutionmakers: http://unitedactions.ning.com.
* United Actions Facebook profile currently connected to 346 people.
* United Actions group on Facebook currently has 356 members.


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