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UA Report February 2009

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1UA Report February 2009 Empty UA Report February 2009 on Sun Feb 08, 2009 2:14 am

United Actions Report
February, 2009
Timothy Ogene,
UA Ambassador,Nigeria

Since I was recruited as an ambassador for this project,I have;

1-Shared and promoted United Action on the following networks;


Development Crossing-http://www.developmentcrossing.com/profiles/blogs/united-actionjoin-the-newest

Youth Action Partners for Development-http://youthactors.ning.com/profiles/blogs/united-actionjoin-the-newest

Peace and Collaborative Development Network-http://internationalpeaceandconflict.ning.com/profiles/blogs/united-actionjoin-the-newest

Jane Goodall Network-http://janegoodall.ning.com/profiles/blogs/united-actionjoin-the-newest

Future Shifters-http://futureshifter.ning.com/profiles/blogs/united-actionjoin-the-newest


2-Suggested youth leaders to add United Actions as a friend on Facebook and they have done so.

3-Adviced youth leaders to consider being UA Ambassadors in their areas.This has worked as well.

4-Responded to feebacks and questions about UA from members of the netowrks on which I shared UA.

5-Added a link to the UA blog on my blog-www.ogene.wordpress.com


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