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UA Report February 2009

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1UA Report February 2009 Empty UA Report February 2009 on Sun Feb 01, 2009 3:07 am

  • UA Report February 2009

    Started my role as an Ambassador two weeks ago.

    Invited people and organizations to belong to United Actions net through gmail and face book

    Arrived to Ratanikiri estate in east north of Cambodia and started to work as a volunteer in one NGO - MEDICINE DE LA NATURE- " The aim of this organization is to improve access to primary health care for disadvantaged populations, whether living in rural, tribal or ethnic communities. Goals of the organization is to promote the sustainable and fair development of medicinal plants and to promote a wider use of traditional medicine in primary health care."

    Invited NGO -MEDICINE DE LA NATURE- to belong to our net.
    Explained our goals/ vision and Introduction of the MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS

    Visited three ethnically villages within Ratanikiri estate.
    Been Introduced to the traditional doctors/ Xamans of the villages.
    Training and workshop on manufacturing Plant- based Medicines;

    Setting up two projects with this organization; Production of medicinal soaps and oils to cure and prevent skin diseases.

    Susana Norte
    UA Ambassador
Very Happy

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