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UA Report March 2009

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1UA Report March 2009 Empty UA Report March 2009 on Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:18 pm

Mir Ghulam Murtaza Noonari
UA Ambassador, Pakistan

March 2009

After joining the United Actions I have started my work to disseminate UA information with my fellows and had meetings with different NGOs and CBOs.
•Circulated the UA (Ambassador ) announcement to Global Young Greens Network
•Shared web page of UA amongs national e-groups i.e cabnet group and civil society net work group.
•Meeting with Soofi Sachal Welfare Organization in Sindh province of Pakistan to introduce UA and its programs and invited to be part of UA.
•Meeting with Kainaat Society Sindh to introduce UA and its programs and invited to be part of UA.
•Introductory meeting with members of Youth Council member of Youth Action for Pakistan and invite them to get involved in UA volunteer work
•Conducted session with different youth groups of Kashmore city and Jacobabad on MDGs, particularly, how youth can contribute to achieve MDGs

February, 2009

The previous month was almost to introduce UA in Pakistan through different channels and reach individuals.

•Shared the announcement of UA Mentors among e-groups
•Received 20 numbers of responses who are interested to be part of UA at country level.
•Shared UA announcement at different workshop where I was the part as delegate
•Meeting with some Global Xchange volunteers in Pakistan to join UA and continue their volunteer work at local level
•Follow-up with youth groups and civil society organization

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